Completing Embroidery Challenges

At the moment I am taking part in Beyond TAST  2018 run by Sharon Boggon over at

So since January I have been   experimenting, first with all kinds of running stitches and now  with isolated stitches. The idea is to play with them and take them further. I have been experimenting with stitches on transparent fabric,  manipulating stitches to turn them into  a new stitch, padding behind stitches and layering stitches. Here is the first piece I have done for the isolated stitches challenge. Incidentally I always keep lots of little doodle cloths and experiment as I go along and none of these pieces are finished pieces as such, rather experimental samplers. This one was inspired by a collection of beautiful trinkets I saw on a stall on holiday last year. I did a blind drawing and then made the ground fabric out of pieces. After tacking them in place I began work , gradually layering. Ill probably come back to it at some point .



profile embroidery.JPG

Here are some details. Not sure what I will do next . I am waiting for some transfer paints to arrive so maybe today Ill just do some drawing