Gulls are taking shape and you will start seeing them about the dockside very soon

Last Friday we had another crochet gull session and it reminded me that I have not updated people on this project for a while.  The yarn for  the project has been provided by STYLECRAFT and  the rest of the materials  provided by me or by  small donations at the workshops. The Grammar school are also making a few gulls after I ran a workshop there  and have provided  those materials. At the moment this project is still unfunded and its a huge project. The rooms are provided by M Shed, SS Great Britain and Underfall Yard.

So far I have run 7 workshops and each gull takes a couple of months  to really develop the design before sharing it with other people 

These gulls have lots of parts  including a wooden stand that has to be cut and drilled and wooden  dowels in the legs that again have to be sharpened and  they pass into the body from the outside into a ball in his ball that holds him  or her steady.  I make up these at home. This design also means that   the gulls can be installed elsewhere. Under fall Yard are planning to create a structure  to sit the gulls on  above their map table. The SS Great Britain is also planning to have some gulls and the Ferries.  There are more workshops planned. Two are already bookable on this site .

Here are some of the gulls being made


My favourite bit is when people pack their gulls to take them home


A word about the Crocodile. He is going for a brief holiday at Wonderwool in Wales  this weekend.  Ill take lots of photos and tell you about this next week.  Vic x