Quick news update ..its all happening

Hi I am about to have a break for a couple of weeks so this is last minute news

I will be running a special crochet course at Southville Centre in the daytime in August - just two sessions

This course is for you if you are starting from scratch or if you want a refresher. It is only a short course so you will  want to continue your learning afterwards  but it  will kick-start your  crochet

This is a special price of £30 for two lessons

Thursday August 16th 11am – 1pm

Thursday August 23rd  11am – 1pm

Lesson 1 - How to hold the yarn,  chain and  crochet double crochet stitches into a foundation row. You will learn about posture, holding the hook  to make the  crochet easy and  the basis of crochet

Lesson 2 -  How to crochet a granny square using a simple diagram. You will learn  treble crochet stitch and how to crochet  in the round.  Diagrams are universal. For those people who find diagrams difficult there will be some written instructions.

What to bring

You will need to bring a 4mm crochet hook, preferably one with a handle  such as soft touch. Look for one that has a  good point on the end for   sticking through your work

blue striped fish - Copy - Copy.jpg


BIRDGARDEN EMBROIDERY  will go on display  at the museum from 7th July ..go add your stitches

Gulls are going on display from 7th July. There will be some sort of simple  list to download and tick off. I've just delivered 18 gulls and more to go ..news on this soon but from 7th July they should start appearing on The Bristol Ferries and at Underfall Yard , Assembly Bakery and Little Victories T Shop and there are some in SS GB Cafe


THREAD - The next THREAD is on 20th July  from 11am - 1pm at the Southville Centre. Look in course descriptions  to see more about this . We will be doing Basque Stitch ,. We now have dates until the end of the year. Its just £10  and you can pay on the day