The Bristol Crocodile goes on a jolly to Wonderwool in Wales

Well what a fantastic weekend. Chrissie  from Wonderwool wales invited us and the crocodile to stay in Wales and exhibit the  crocodile .  The annual  event is a huge wool fayre in three  giant cowsheds packed with amazing stalls and demonstrations. 

Two of the Crafting The City volunteers Alex and Kathy came along to help and drove the van which  made it all possible. We stayed on a beautiful campsite surrounded  wildlife'

So here it is in photographs. I hope to see some of you at THREAD next week and there are still place on beginners crochet starting on Wednesday evening

So here is the crocodlie at the event with the lovely Kathy in charge 

1 croc.jpg

He was close to lots of beautiful animals 

1 sheep 1.jpg
1 bunny.jpg

What I like about events like this is all the crative stuff that people  bring with them to wear . Lots and lots of beuatiful eye candy

1 nuno.jpg
1 coat.jpg
1 dragon.jpg
1 sheep.jpg

Wonderwool volunteers and the public had made a wall of poppies. It was incredible 

1 poppies 2.jpg
1 poppies description.jpg
1 poppies.jpg

Hundreds and hundreds of people came and saw the crocodile over the weekend . It was great watching their faces as they came round the corner. These two  people loved him and came back several times to see him

1 happy peeps.jpg

The event was wonderful but  at the end of each day we were happy to go back and enjoy all the lovely wildlife in the  chalet park. next week I will be starting to tell you about the  embroidery  I am creating for the museum and how you can be part of this project

1 river.jpg
1 woodie.jpg
1 squirrel.jpg
1 geese.jpg

I hope you enjoy reading this. I am off to start work on a piece that I will be telling you all about next week. The museum embroidery and how you can get involved. Have a creative week Vic x