Learn to Crochet at The Southville Centre - a  summer taster
to Aug 23

Learn to Crochet at The Southville Centre - a summer taster

This course is for you if you are starting from scratch or if you want a refresher. It is only a short course so you will  want to continue your learning afterwards  but it  will kick-start your  crochet

This is a special price of £30 for two lessons

Thursday August 16th 11am – 1pm

Thursday August 23rd  11am – 1pm

Lesson 1 - How to hold the yarn,  chain and  crochet double crochet stitches into a foundation row. You will learn about posture, holding the hook  to make the  crochet easy and  the basis of crochet

Lesson 2 -  How to crochet a granny square using a simple diagram. You will learn  treble crochet stitch and how to crochet  in the round.  Diagrams are universal. For those people who find diagrams difficult there will be some written instructions.

What to bring

You will need to bring a 4mm crochet hook, preferably one with a handle  such as soft touch. Look for one that has a  good point on the end for   sticking through your work.

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Fabric Beads workshop
7:00 PM19:00

Fabric Beads workshop


This workshop has been cancelled

This is going to be a really fun workshop. The aim is to let rip and create some gorgeous fabric beads. No previous experience is necessary.

What  you need to bring Please bring some small sharp scissors and some sewing needles if you have them. You could also bring a selection of favourite  small buttons, beads and threads and any scraps of thin fabric. For instance you might want to incorporate a bit from a favourite old dress  or something someone gave you.

I will bring a whole host of  things for you to play with as well and if you don't own scissors or needles we will have some of those too

The cafe is closed  during the workshop so please bring a drink in a screw or close-able container'

The beads can be threaded at a later date or sewn onto  other things that you make.

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