The Bristol Crocodile

Supported by Funding from Bristol City Council

SNAP SNAP  - The Bristol  Crocodile is Coming 

Some years ago a bus called Jolyon driver spotted what he believed to be a crocodile swimming across the river at high tide and then turning towards him as he sat in his Bus. The crocodile was never found  but the story  captured the imagination of Bristol people. 

When we put together Briswool the giant woolly version of Bristol we decided to include crocodiles made by Eileen in the Avon gorge. One of those crocodiles has grown and grown and with the help of 65 volunteers using motif patterns designed by me Vicky Harrison and through a series of workshops funded by The City Arts Team he is now about to make his first public appearance.

Life Size Crocodile inspiration

The life size crocodile innards are made from wire, card  and papier mache. His coat is a  beautiful pattern made up of hundreds of crochet motifs. He takes inspiration from the rich industrial past of the dockside and in particular the pumphouse at Underfall Yard. He is a crocodile for the people of Bristol.

Design inspiration from Underfall Yard floor

Design inspiration from Underfall Yard floor

It is hoped that over the next year or so the crocodile will make lots of appearances around the dockside.

Where you can see the crocodile

23rd - 29th October 2017 Brunel room at the SS Great Britain

More exhibitions are being finalised.

From 31st October at Underfall Yard Visitor Centre

If you are a venue or organisation that would like to exhibit the crocodile dockside then get in touch.  

The Bristol Crocodile Gallery



Supported by Funding from Bristol City Council