THREAD is an experimental fun embroidery group

It is great if you just want to learn a few new stitches to use in your work or if you want to push your stitching further.

You can come to just one session or every session. Stitches may be explored for more than one session. 

What to expect

Each week we will Look at a particular stitch or stitches and experiment with them - we will use a variety of creative thinking tools to get you thinking "outside the box”.

You may be shown a method of preparing your fabric or getting started , from potato prints to ink tense pencils or maybe just take a look at someone else work. 

You may be given a theme which you can use if you want to go away and create some work - the challenge. You might use this on its own or in combination with the weeks stitch.

Show and Tell

We will have a show and tell of the work that people are doing. The idea is to inspire and connect with others - the group will develop as we go along and people can join or step out for a while  at any time.


What to bring

You need to bring scraps of fabric, an embroidery hoop, sharp and blunt needles, scraps of various threads, yarns etc. Don't worry if you don't have much the first time. Once you have been you will have a better idea.

The group is an evolving group but I am hoping it will become a very strong focus for people wanting to develop their embroidery skills.


I sell perle embroidery cottons, hoops, needles and a lots of other bits alongside the classes if you need to restock.



Friday morning sessions are held in the Beauley Room at The Southville Centre, Beauley Rd, Bristol BS3 1QG

 Sessions on a Friday are 11am - 1pm

A Saturday group is planned


£10 per session. You can pay by PayPal or with your card. If you are unable to do either of these then please email me.