Woolly Wonderland

Part of Shaun The Sheep in the City Trail

In Jauary 2015 I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the Shaun in the City artists. 

The task was to completely transform a large sculpture of Shaun the Sheep who would become part of a trail in the city raising funds for the charity. 

I covered the sculpture in thousands of bits of freestyle crochet. My plan was to demonstrate all kinds of innovative techniques.

I stuck to a limited palette range of reds oranges and pinks and purples. 

In total it took about 500 hours to create. The hardest part was the sewing together which had to be done on to the model of the sheep.

He went on display in the summer of 2015 in St Nicholas Market and was sold at auction for £7,000. 


Shaun The Sheep Gallery